Chairman's Report 2015

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"Each year I use this Chairman’s Report to look back over what
has been achieved by the Trust in the previous 12 months and to look forward to the year ahead. This year, as we prepare for a change of name in 2016, it is fitting to look back not just over the year that’s been but over the more than two decades of work carried out by the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust. "

The organisation was established in 1992 to promote the business benefits of equal employment opportunities to New Zealand employers. With this remit as its governing purpose, the EEO Trust became an essential source of education and inspiration for companies to examine their employment practices. In the early years, the focus was on cementing some fairly straightforward principles, such as the equal rights of men and women in the workplace.

Now, two decades on, our communities look radically different and so do our workplaces. In Auckland, more than 40% of the population was born overseas. New Zealand’s biggest city also boasts more than 200 ethnicities and there are over 160 different languages spoken. This change in our communities demands changes in our businesses and in our work environments. These changes also mean that the remit of this organisation is much, much broader than it once was. It is no longer enough to advocate for all employees just to be treated equally, instead we want the differences to be acknowledged and respected, and we want employers to understand that diversity is essential for their ongoing success. Simply promoting the business benefits of equal employment opportunities is not enough either. Our agenda is much broader.

In 2015 we have evolved into an organisation that provides training opportunities and stimulates debate. We identify best practice and create opportunities for New Zealand businesses to share this information through events and case studies. We commission research and share those insights with our members and the wider business community. We run annual awards to celebrate companies who have succeeded in creating workplaces that embrace diversity.

In 2016, the EEO Trust will change its name to Diversity Works New Zealand. The name change will reflect the evolution of this organisation and it will acknowledge the scope of its work. One thing that will not change is the Trust’s commitment to fostering diverse and productive workplaces in New Zealand.

Michael Barnett

Chairman, EEO Trust


Annual Report 2015
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