The EEO Trust team

Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie BBS

Chief Executive

Tribal Affiliation; Ngati Porou

DDI 09 580 4442

Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie has been in the Chief Executive seat since 2012 following roles in marketing and relationship management across both private and public sector and a time running her own business. In the past two years she has witnessed a sea change in attitudes towards, engagement with and ideas around, workplace diversity and inclusion and is committed to helping businesses across New Zealand to be better-by-diversity.

Bev believes that to bring out the best in diverse individuals and teams we need to cultivate a workplace culture that values difference and makes the most of everyone's talents; an approach that values the transmission of valuable knowledge and experience from one generation to another, from one culture to another, and from one team to another.


Sarah McLauchlan 

Executive Administratorresized image 

Sarah provides administrative support to our Chief Executive and Board of Trustees, as well as the wider EEO Trust team.

The newset member of the EEO Trust team, Sarah has extensive experience of working in Asia, having spent many years living and working in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan to name a few. She has worked for a number of public sector agencies focused on the Asia region in both international tourism and trade.


Fred Tan

Finance Manager (part-time)

DDI 09 580 4449

As not only our Finance Manager, but as a long serving member of staff celebrating 12 years of dedication in 2015, Fred is a very valued part of the EEO Trust team.

He has a number of financial reporting responsibilites and manages the collection and preparation of the Trusts accounts. Fred works part-time from Monday to Thursday and is available to take any invoicing queries related to goods, services or membership registration. 

Fred - 2

Emma Edgar BA Hons

Communications Manager

DDI 09 580 4447

Mobile 021 364 443

Emma is our Communications Manager and is happy to assist with any communications or media enquiries. 

She is responsible for the Trusts's communications and marketing strategies for events and specific campaigns making the most of all the channels that enable the Trust to maximise on our limited budgets. 

Emma is always looking for ways to share our messages far and wide and is keen to hear from anyone who is interested in profiling the work of the EEO Trust or any of our member organisations. For example, she can provide case studies of businesses that have successfully undertaken specific diversity initiatives in the workplace.

Emma Headshot website

Fezeela Raza BA Hons MAfezeela

Diversity Manager

DDI: 09 580 4445

Moblie: 021 506 526 

Fezeela has a strong professional and personal interest in Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to her role with the Trust she worked for the Office of Ethnic Affairs in the roles of Principal Advisor and National Operations Manager and as a researcher at the University of Auckland. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the diversity sector in various fields including policy, strategy, research and community development. 

Fezeela has lead responsibility for delivering the Trust's Diversity Diagnostic to New Zealand businesses. This is a highly adaptable tool that goes beyond a stocktake of diversity initiatives.  It is based on international research and benchmarks in the area of Diversity and also serves to facilitate discussion and engage key internal stakeholders to establish common ownership and commitment to Diversity & Inclusion strategy moving forward. 

Heidi Rosser BA Hons

Diversity Advisor (part-time)

Mobile 021 364 442 

Heidi works with the Trust in a consultancy role and is our resident HR expert. She brings with her over a decade of HR consulting experience and a number of years as a Director of her own consultancy business, providing valuable support to our Chief Executive and member organisations.  

In conjunction with our Diversity Manager, Heidi provides practical advice and solutions for organisations looking to undertake workplace diversity initiatives but who are perhaps not sure where best to focus their efforts. 

Heid Rosser

Miria Brown 

Office Administrator  

DDI 09 580 4446

Miria is an important part of the team providing specific administrative support to the Diversity Library and Membership functions. Miria looks after our extensive Diversity Library - the largest in NZ - and will be happy to answer any queries related to lending or if there is a specific text, journal, paper you need. 

Miria joined the team in early 2014 from the Auckland Chamber of Commerce Cadetmax programme and was previously an adult education teacher of Te Reo Maori. 


Richard Mortensen

Office Administrator (part-time)

DDI 09 5804443

As the longest serving staff member at the Trust celebrating 17 years in 2014, Richard is a valuable part of the team and has seen a few changes during his time.

He is responsible for general administration in the office and provides specific support to our Finance Manager including filing, data updates and invoice administration. Richard is in the office every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Richard - 2

Madi Barnett 

Research Assistant (part-time)

Madi provides a workplace diversity research service to the trust which you can access through recommended reports on our website and as highlighted in our monthly e-newsletters.

Madi gathers relevant local & international research for the EEO Trust to inform organisational thinking and practices in workplace diversity management in New Zealand. Madi is currently an undergraduate of Law at the University of Auckland. 

Madi Web

Terri Carlson 

Digital Communications Coordinator (part-time) 

DDI 09 5804441 

Terri is our Digital Communications Coordinator and is on hand for any digital and social media enquiries.

She shares the EEO’s message via our website, email campaigns, and all of our social media platforms. Her passion for all things digital aids in taking our message to a much wider audience and helps creates meaningful debate on diversity in the NZ workplace.