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Award Night Photos

Supreme winner on stage 300x201

From left to right: Squadron Leader Stu Pearce, Hon. Jo Goodhew and Brigadier Howard Duffy.

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Debbie Powers and the team from the Ministry of Social Development with Hon. Jo Goodhew, Lorraine Murphy from Air New Zealand and EEO Trust CEO Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie 

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Tomorrow's workforce winner 2013 w sponsors 300x187
Diversity Award Winner for story 300x199

Brigadier Howard Duffy accepting the Divesity Award on behalf of NZDF's OverWatch Programme from Hon. Jo Goodhew. 

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The team from Pacific Homecare led by Hamish Crooks, with Hon. Jo Goodhew and EEO Trust CEO Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie. 

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Skills Highway winner 2013 - image for story (1269) 300x127
Work & Life winner 2013 w sponsors 300x192

From left to right: Sharron Botica, Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie, Martin King from Coca-Cola Amatil (Winners of the Work & Life Award), Hon. Jo Goodhew and Symon Brewis-Weston

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Winner of the Walk the Talk Award Peter Potaka and his team from Statistics NZ, with sponsor Coca-Cola Amatil (Martin King), Hon. Jo Goodhew and EEO Trust CEO Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie

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Walk the Talk Winner 2013 - story photo 300 x 155

Diversity Awards 2013-0932 300x201 Diversity Awards 2013-0766 - BGW ELP and Vimbai Mugaza ARMs 300x199

Diversity Awards 2013-1036 - Coke table 300x201

Diversity Awards 2013-0788 - Mehe 300x202

Diversity Awards 2013-0968 300x203

Diversity Awards 2013-0764 - Mary Dawson - ARMS and Jufi Atinkaya MBIE 300x021

Diversity Awards 2013-0958 300x196

Diversity Awards 2013-0982 300x197

Diversity Awards 2013-0713 300x199

Diversity Awards 2013-0770 - 300x197