Working effectively with Māori

He aha te pai nui o te ao?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the greatest good in the world?
Humanity, humanity, humanity.
(Meri Ngāroto, Te Aupōuri)

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New Zealand's continued growth depends on fostering the enormous energy and economic potential of Māori people. Like most developed countries, our population is ageing and we will increasingly depend on our young people to generate the country's wealth. Nineteen per cent of that younger workforce will be Māori by 2021.

Organisations which recognise and develop the skills of Māori people will be meeting the challenge of the future and creating their own competitive advantage in a tight labour market. Māori are preparing themselves for their place in the workforce, with a sharp increase in participation in tertiary education in recent years.

This guide identifies the business case for recruiting, retaining and developing Māori and describes strategies to help ensure the talents and energy of Māori people are tapped by New Zealand employers.