EEO Employers Group

Over 400 organisations throughout New Zealand belong to the EEO Employers Group. Members endeavour to recruit, reward and develop employees on the basis of merit, recognising that effectively managing New Zealand's diverse population can lead to increased creativity, engagement and productivity. 

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Research has shown that EEO Employers Group members are more likely to be active in diversity and EEO activities than employers who are not members.

A member survey in late 2010 found that the majority of our members rate our website, resources, library, quarterly publications, monthly newsletters and member meetings as excellent or good.

For example, one member commented: The resources, events and people are fantastic.

Benefits of becoming a member

By becoming a member of the EEO Employers Group, workplaces can access a range of resources and benefits such as:

  • The latest national and international benchmarking data on EEO/diversity issues.
  • Discounted rates on workshops, seminars and breakfasts run by the EEO Trust.
  • PowerPoint presentations for use in training, orientation etc.
  • Presenters for workshops, conferences and internal training.
  • Members briefings and workshops.
  • Access to resources from the comprehensive EEO Library.
  • Support in developing EEO strategies, goals and performance measures.
  • Monthly email updates on current EEO/diversity issues.
  • Members-only special offers and discounts.
  • Licence to use the EEO Employers Group logo in recruitment advertising and other media.
  • Opportunities for media coverage to help build employment brand.