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The EEO Trust

The Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Trust is a national body mandated by government to provide support to employers around the issue of equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace. 

The EEO Trust assists employers in introducing and managing proven EEO thinking and practices, encourages diversity by promoting the recruitment and development of people on the basis of merit and generates awareness of the business benefits and rewards of an inclusive workplace.

Based in Auckland, the EEO Trust works with employers around New Zealand providing the latest resources, ideas and information to support workplaces to achieve success through effectively managing diversity. The EEO Trust is resourced by fees from member organisations and Government contributions. It is governed by a Board of Trustees. 

 Watch our introduction video 

Be part of our team

We currently have a vacancy for a part-time Digital Communications Coordinator to  help enhance our digital engagement with members, businesses, media and influencers. If you are a digital savvy communicator with the skills and experience we are looking for, then we would love to hear from you. Check out the position description and how to apply here.

Our Diversity platforms 


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Promoting an inclusive workplace for all ages

October 1st marks the UN International Day of Older Persons with this year's theme focusing on "Leaving no one behind: Promoting a society for all" and another timely reminder that we are an increasingly ageing society. This population trend is of course also reflected in the workplace and especially here in New Zealand where 1 in 4 workers are over the age of 50. Despite all this, unconscious age bias is still alive and kicking in New Zealand. A recent survey conducted by the EEO Trust in conjunction with the New Zealand Work Research Institute found that it is prevalent among a large number of companies. To read the full report click here.

"Older persons make wide-ranging contributions to economic and social development. However, discrimination and social exclusion persist. We must overcome this bias in order to ensure a socially and economically active, secure and healthy ageing population."
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The influence factor - the importance of Brand You

When actor Emma Watson spoke at the UN Women “HeFORShe” campaign launch last week, she not only had the whole of the UN behind her, but also her personal brand and values that the general public associate with her.   The event aims to kick-start a global solidarity movement in support of women’s rights and full equality between women and men. When other female celebrities such as Victoria Beckham lend their support to these campaigns, their personal “brand”, is added. In their capacity as UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassadors, these high profile public figures are leveraged precisely because of the power of their personal brand and the audience they can reach.

The Huffington Post talks about the five keys to building your own personal brand;

1. Be authentic

2. Make sure you can be you in the workplace

3. Be known for something

4. Get your behaviour in check

5. Build and own your personal brand online

To make an impact in your professional life and enhance your career path, building your personal brand is a must. Keen to learn more?  Come along to our Aspiring Female Leaders workshop on the 23rd of October with respected business leader and professional director Anne Blackburn. This interactive event also includes a personal styling session and networking opportunity. Don't miss out - click here to find out more and register your place.

EEO Trust library and location

We have now moved our office to central premises

This is exciting for the team and brings many new opportunities with it, including a new and improved library space for our diversity reference collection and for you to come and use. Our fantastic new diversity library, is located on Level 1, 100 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, and we look forward to welcoming  members who feel like dropping in to discuss diversity workplace initiaves. If you are an EEO member and do not yet have a library membership, email to recieve the benefits of membership to New Zealand's largest diversity library. 

a library pic one        A view of our exciting new library spacea library pic two

EEO events coming soon 

Empower: Aspiring Women Leaders  

Empower - Jericho

Date: Thursday 23rd October

Time: 1.00 - 6.30pm including networking event

Venue: EEO TrainingRoom, Level 1, 100 Mayoral Drive Auckland 

Investment: EEO members $180 + GST Non Members $250 + GST

To book: 

Are you an employer that has women in your organisation who are potentials for your management pipeline? Are you a female professional seeking senior management roles and need some inspiration to help focus the mind to achieve your goals?

Our facilitator for this workshop is Anne Blackburn who has a background in banking, governance and strategic advice as well as being a professional director and consultant. Anne enjoyed early careers in journalism and diplomacy, and a diversion as a Treasury policy advisor. Her career has spanned both public and private sectors in New Zealand, the US and the UK, including the not for profit sector, where she currently holds governance positions.

Diversity Overview (Limited spaces available)

Accept - Jericho

Date:Friday 31st  October

Time: 9:00am – 1:30pm

Investment: Complimentary   

Venue:Level 1, 100 Mayoral Drive, Auckland CBD 

To Book:                                                                                    

This half-day workshop is free and aims to give you an overview about the benefits of practicing Diversity in the workplace, and how to address various topics and/or issues that can arise.  You will learn about cultural diversity, the benefits of working with your aged workers in a time of labour shortage, along with our younger workforce. Other diversity platforms will be covered using winning examples from our Diversity Awards that include, gender, lifestyle choices, religious beliefs, parental leave and more.

This session also includes an introduction to dealing with workplace bullying and harassment as well as the merits of workplace wellness initiatives.  You will also hear about unconscious bias and how to avoid it.

Our facilitator Skot Barnett will give you some tips to take away and get started. Skot also specialises in employment strategies for businesses to recruit and cultivate the skills of people from all groups. 

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