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Accept - Jericho        

Diversity Group Meeting - NZDF Over Watch   

Date: Tuesday 29th July

Venue: Pavilion, ANZ Centre, 23 Albert Street, Auckland

Time: 10 - 11am 

Investment: Free EEO Trust members, $25 + GST for non-members

To book:

Our Diversity Group Meetings (DGM’s) are a great opportunity for other members to learn first-hand what a successful workplace diversity programme or initiative looks like, hearing from those who are more progressed in their diversity journey and previous Diversity Awards winners.

This time we are joined by the Supreme Award winners from the ANZ and EEO Trust Diversity Awards NZ 2013, the New Zealand Defence Force’s Over Watch Programme. The NZDF invests time and resources into ensuring employees of all sexualities and gender identities get plenty of support and understanding throughout their armed forces career. Squadron Leader Stu Pearce, Chair of OverWatch will share with us what a difference the programme has made and how the Defence Force understands the importance of providing guidance and support to each of its personnel so they can be at their best all of the time.



Diversity Overview     

Accept - Jericho

Date:Wednesday 10th September

Time: 9:00am – 1:30pm

Investment: Complimentary   

Venue: Auckland - venue TBC

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This half-day workshop is free and aims to give you an overview about the benefits of practicing Diversity in the workplace, and how to address various topics and/or issues that can arise.  You will learn about cultural diversity, the benefits of working with your aged workers in a time of labour shortage, along with our younger workforce. Other diversity platforms will be covered using winning examples from our Diversity Awards that include, gender, lifestyle choices, religious beliefs, parental leave and more.

This session also includes an introduction to dealing with workplace bullying and harassment as well as the merits of workplace wellness initiatives.  You will also hear about unconscious bias and how to avoid it.

Our facilitator Skot Barnett will give you some tips to take away and get started. Skot also specialises in employment strategies for businesses to recruit and cultivate the skills of people from all groups.  

Diversity Breakfast Series with Shelley Campbell             Empower - Jericho

Date: Wednesday 10th September

Time: 7.30am - 9am

Venue: The Northern Club, 19 Princes Street, Auckland

Investment: $70 + GST

To book:    

Our diversity breakfast series is an opportunity for business people to take time out of your busy schedule and reflect on your organisations' diversity journey, taking stock and considering where to next in terms of learning and continuous development. 

Our special guest speaker for this event is Shelley Campbell, Chief Executive of the Sir Peter Blake Trust. We are delighted that Shelley is able to join us to discuss her thoughts on women in leadership and the importance of developing strong career pipelines to attract and retain talented women.

Shelley will share stories of her own experiences from her career as a CEO and Board member and talk about the 10 key lessons she has learnt about creating a leaderful team and an environment where women and diversity lift organisational performance.  




Value - JerichoMaximising a culturally diverse workforce

Date:Wednesday 15th September

Time: 9.00am - 3.30pm

Investment: EEO Trust Members $245 + GST, Non-members $345 +GST 

Venue: Level 1, Ak Chamber of Commerce Bldg, 100 Mayoral Drive, CBD, Auckland

To book:

This one-day workshop with Professor Edwina Pio is designed to help managers and individuals to deal positively with their increasingly culturally diverse workplaces. It will help provide attendees with:

  • A better appreciation of New Zealand’s unique diversity - over 200 different ethnicities in a country with 4.4 million people 
  • Strategies for effectively engaging with a multi-cultural workplace including the large numbers of migrants entering the workplace and the challenges that can present eg. literacy, cultural norms etc.  
  • The ability to identify cultural difference and similarity in the workplace
  • An understanding of meaningful engagement across cultures such as encouraging interaction between colleagues at shared lunches, celebration events etc.
  • Intercultural communication including autocues and body language. 

This workshop will be facilitated by Edwina Pio, Professor of Diversity at AUT's Business and Law School, Visiting Professor at Boston College, Massachusetts and Visiting Academic at Cambridge University in the UK.

Unleashing Literacy in your workplace         

Accept - Jericho

Date: Tuesday 16th September

Time:  9am - 1pm

Investment: EEO Members $175 + GST Non Members $275 + GST 

Venue: Level 1, AK Chamber of Commerce Bldg, 100 Mayoral Drive, CBD, Auckland

To Book:                                                                                    

This half day workshop, facilitated by Anne Alkema will include the following topic sessions.

  • Understanding literacy and numeracy in the workplace. How does it impact on your workforce, workplace safety, productivity and profitability?
  • How to identify the issues in your workplace
  • Benefits of investing in workplace literacy and numeracy training
  • How to get started with literacy and numeracy training

Over the last eight years Anne has evaluated workplace literacy programmes in New Zealand and also provided advice to support employers seeking funding from the Tertiary Education Commission.

Prevent: From Bias to Bullying 

Prevent - Jericho

Date: Monday 29th Sepember

Time: 9am - 3.30pm

Venue: Wellington - location to be confirmed. 

Investment: EEO Member $245 + GST Non Member $345 + GST

To book:

This is a workshop for managers and team leaders aimed at identifying workplace bullying and harassment and appropriate strategies to deal with such issues in a timely and effective manner. 

You will explore common traps and pitfalls as well as learn how to challenge behaviour and make relevant interventions to resolve issues.  It is no longer acceptable both legally or emotionally – to ignore allegations or evidence of bullying incidents in any workplace of any size. 

Workshop facilitators:

Professor Tim Bentley is the Director of the New Zealand Work Research Institute at AUT University and Dr Bevan Catley, Associate Head of the School of Management at Massey University. 

EEO Trust Corporate Training & Consultancy                                                   

The EEO Trust delivers a wide variety of courses to meet the changing needs of a successful workplace.  Based on our selection of courses available, our experienced team of facilitators can assess your needs and customise the content to achieve your desired result.

Fees: To be determined in accordance with the course structure, length and location.

We can also offer a consultancy service on developing your diversity initiatives and programmes.

Find out how we can design and deliver an in-house diversity focused training course or presentation to meet your needs, or offer particular consultation on diversity initiatives by contacting our team on 09 525 3023 or email

EEO Trust Boardroom Hire

The Equal Employment Opportunities Trust is pleased to offer a fully equipped boardroom for meetings/training. The boardroom has a capacity for up to 16 people and is available for half or full day hire. 

For more information >>

Other Events 

From time to time, like-minded organisations, with whom we collaborate, host events that EEO Trust members may find relevant and interesting.  For an upcoming selection of these please click here.