Webinar: LGBTQI



For many companies or business leaders who are asked to consider the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace the initial response is often – how is that relevant to the business? However, the business case for inclusive workplaces is strong-an environment that minimises bias and reduces stigma enables people to contribute to their full potential and that is good for business.  An ideal workplace is one that is inclusive of all aspects of diversity including LGBTQI.  In this session we will touch on some of the critical areas that create an inclusive workplace where LGBTQI employees are valued, empowered and free to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work. In this informative webinar we will cover:

  • An introduction to Diversity in the workplace
  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
  • The NZ context
  • Definitions of LGBTQI
  • Challenges & Experiences of LGBTQI Employees
  • Top 10 Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Case studies of Best Practice
  • Q&A

Date: 16th February, 2016

Time: 11.15am-12pm 

Cost: Members Free, Non Members $25 + GST

Venue: Online

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Diversity Committee Workshop: Capitalising on your Diversity Committee

Accept126x56In this session we will have our guest speaker share some of their experiences of what makes an effective Diversity Committee and your experiences of challenges and successes.

EEO will cover some fundamental tips for creating an effective diversity committee an trouble shooting common challenges experienced.

 Date: 24th February, 2016

Time: 10am-11:30am

Cost: Members $80 + GST, Non Members $110 + GST

Venue: EEO Trust Training Room, Auckland.

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Diversity General Meeting : Tomorrow's Workforce 

Date: 25th February, 2016

Time: 10am - 11am 

Facilitator(s): Vector 

Cost: Members Free, Non Members $35 + GST

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Aspiring Female Leaders

Date: 22 March, 2016

Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm

Facilitator: Anne Blackburn

Cost: Members $250 + GST, Non Members $350 + GST

Venue: EEO Trust Training Room , 100 Mayoral Dr, Auckland.

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What events and workshops does the EEO Trust offer?

If you are interested in attending a specific event or workshop that isn’t currently listed on our events calendar, or if you would like more information to help with your team’s professional development planning, please contact us at and let us know which events or workshops you are interested in.

Diversity Group Meeting (DGM)

Our Diversity Group Meetings are quick one-hour, information-packed sessions hosted by organisations that have important diversity stories and insights to share. The sessions are presented by HR managers or the staff behind the organisation’s diversity programmes and initiatives and include a presentation followed by a Q&A session. In the past these sessions have included winners of the NZ Diversity Awards and the topics have covered a wide range of diversity topics – literacy, female leadership, addressing bias in recruitment. We offer a small number of members (4/5 a year) the opportunity to host a DGM throughout the year. These events are complimentary for members and held at various locations throughout New Zealand. Diversity Group Meetings are $25+GST for non-members.

Diversity Workshop
Diversity Workshops are either half-day or full-day workshops focusing on different diversity and inclusion topics ranging from disability, age, culture, sexual orientation, unconscious bias, governance, bullying and harassment to wellness, flexibility and parental leave. These workshops are very practical and will prepare your staff to develop and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives for your company.

Our facilitators will cover the practical side of the topic, giving you access to case studies, research, readings, and real world examples that show how the theory can be put into practice. These are interactive sessions where networking between participants is encouraged and creating diversity teams that operate beyond these sessions is also encouraged. Morning or afternoon tea is offered with all half-day sessions, a working lunch is supplied for all full-day workshops. Workbooks, handouts, and participation certificates are presented for all workshops. These workshops are offered in Auckland and Wellington and are paid training/professional development opportunities - $220+GST for members, $350+GST for non-members.

Diversity Overview
Our Diversity Overview webinar sessions are offered regularly throughout the year and provide a 45-minute briefing on different diversity and inclusion topics. Each session provides participants with a broad overview of a specialised diversity issue such as bullying and harassment, unconscious bias or literacy in the workplace. The sessions define the issue, provide examples of how it impacts the workplace and benefits of addressing the issue, and briefly outlines what a workplace programme could look like.

We deliver these sessions online so businesses can make them accessible to whole teams and staff from all levels of their business – so everyone understands the importance diversity and inclusion. Individuals can log-on from the comfort of their desk, creating a platform for organisational discussions and diversity developments. Our facilitators provide an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session and we will also share relevant reading and resources to support each overview session. These popular briefing sessions are complimentary for members and $25 for non-members. 

Diversity Breakfast
We offer two to three special Diversity Breakfast events each year featuring a high profile guest speaker who is walking the talk in diversity and inclusion or who has an important story to share with New Zealand businesses. We host these events with our corporate partners. These breakfasts are offered in Auckland and, from 2016, in Wellington. Tickets are usually $95 for members, $115 for non-members how ever this may vary.

Boardroom Briefings
CEO Boardroom Briefing events focus on a different industry sector for each session and are hosted by an international guest expert from the sector. Sectors covered in the sessions include banking and finance, insurance, law, retail and FMCG. We are also interested in requests from sector groups. These sessions offer access to senior industry figures and also provide a space for sharing ideas, thought leadership and debate on critical diversity issues. These sessions are held in Auckland and Wellington and attendance is by invitation only.

Diversity Committee/Council Update
Diversity Committee or Diversity Council Updates are facilitated sessions where we assist your organisation to evaluate and develop next steps for your diversity strategy. We encourage you to bring together representatives from every part of the organisation to be part of the planning and decision-making process around what the company is doing next on its diversity journey.

We have a range of programmes that can be tailored for your committee’s stage and diversity focus. Within these facilitated sessions we will give your team valuable insights into current research and best practice, and we’ll share handouts and top tips to help with planning and policy. These sessions are are $80 for members and $110 for non-members.

Lunchtime Learning Session
Our Lunchtime Learning Sessions are 45-minute seminars with one of our diversity and inclusion workshop facilitators, and they focus on a topic of your choice. If you want to create greater awareness and education around a specific diversity issue in your workplace, these quick sessions are a great way to reach a large number of your staff with the right information. Staff are invited to “bring their lunch” along to a quick seminar – an easy, lunchtime opportunity for professional development. These sessions are offered on demand for $475+GST.

Our Annual General Meeting is held towards the end of each year. In addition to reporting on our activities for the year we also use the AGM as an opportunity to showcase diversity leaders who are walking the talk for workplace diversity in New Zealand. With award winners showcased from the New Zealand Diversity Awards, talking about their successful initiatives. Refreshments are served at the AGM’s conclusion allowing attendees to network and meet Trustees, presenters, and other likeminded businesses.


Other networking opportunities
During the year often host or co-host other networking opportunities for our members, such as film screenings or research briefings with our research partners.