Diversity Survey Results:

October 2015

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Yes, New Zealand workers are worried about aging and flexibility. This fact has remained consistant with our previous surveys. 

The difference this time around? The marked increase is concern about enthicity and bias. In fact, there has been an overall increase of people concerned with diversity. 

Are diversity issues finally coming to the forefront?

Diversity Survey Results:

April 2015

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A decade ago, the majority of employee surveys would have told you that career advancement opportunities were the number one priority for workers. 

How things have changed! The latest findings from our New Zealand Diversity Survey paint a very different picture, with 69% of professionals in NZ stating that work life balance, including flexible working, is their top priority when seeking a new role. 

Managing an Older Workforce

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The New Zealand workforce is getting older: many may not realise that here in New Zealand, we actually have one of the highest workforce participation rates for over 65’s in the world. As the workplace "greys", the needs and expectations of "wisdom workers" will change.

This report deals with the ways that senior managers can play a critical role in reducing bias or age discriminatory behaviour and promoting age-friendly practices within their organisations.

Diversity Survey Results:

November 2014

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This survey looked at the state of diversity in New Zealand and found that health, flexibility, and aging topped the list of importance for most businesses among other findings.   

New Zealand Diversity Survey: Findings from the first four quarters

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This reports overviews findings from the New Zealand Diversity Survey (NZDS) for the four quarterly analyses, undertaken between November 2013 and August 2014. Across the four iterations of the NZDS, the respondent population (which varied between 1468 and 750) was reasonably consistent in terms of organisation size and industry sector, and in terms of the overall survey findings.

Ageing Workers Report - August 2014

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This survey collated opinions about attitudes to workers over 55 and presence of bias towards these older workers. It found that while there may be negative attitudes to older workers there was an awareness of the experience and loyalty of older workers. This report also looks at flexible work arrangements for older workers and age strategies in place.  

Older Workers: Challenging Myths and Managing Realities

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The myth that older workers displace younger workers is just one of the untruths debunked in this new EEO Trust research report. It outlines what research has found about older workers' attitudes to work, their health, their productivity, their ability to train and their attitudes to technology.   

Older workers: Employers speak out 2008

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Research with EEO Employers Group members shows that many employers place a high value on older workers, appreciating their reliability, experience, stability and loyalty.

New Zealand Diversity Survey: Findings from the first four quarters 

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New Zealand Diversity Survey: Findings from the first four quarters 

Download full report (867k) >>